Indonesia Fixer formerly branded as Bali Film Organizer is A Company based in Bali operated by Experienced, Professional Local Operator, specializing in Film and Video Production project organizer.Established on 1998 as a local coordinator for filming in Bali Island and all Indonesia Archipelago . Indonesia Fixer facilitates international production company through out Bali Island and all around Indonesia archipelago.Bali Filming Support, Indonesia filming support, Indonesia Filming Fixer Bali Filming Fixer, Bali filming

Indonesia Fixer provides information, liaison and support to filmmakers. As a local coordinator, we are ready to deliver assistance to film crews to search the best shot location, accommodation, arrange necessary permits and other government formalities.

A close connection with the Indonesian and local Province government enables us to smooth related procedures essentially in ensuring production time. Assuring you our best assistance and service at all times.

 Indonesia Fixer  - Local Coordinator for Filming in Bali and all around Indonesia Archipelago , our services include: production management,production coordination,travel and logistics planning,talent casting, budgeting / billing, transportation, accommodation,

Indonesia Fixer provides Indonesia location scouting, Bali location scouting, Bali location guide services, fixer, talent casting , crews, equipment, permits, location library services and location manager services for television production, film production, movie production, video production, advertising and commercial photography.

Indonesia Fixer as Bali Film Organizer Services included;

Local Coordinating for filming project in Bali,Jawa, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Jawa Island, 

Project Costing / Budgeting

Location scouting and Location Manager 

Indonesia location scouting service

Bali location scouting service

Indonesia location guide

Bali location scouting

Coordination of local sound, lighting, jimijib, and technical equipment.

Local and national government liaison in film permit processing. 

Custom's clearance services.

Accommodations,Transportation and English speaking drivers. 

Local Negotiation for use of locations including coordination with local authorities for filming access to public areas.

Local English speaking Production Assistants

Talents,Extras and Models casting services. 

Helicopter services.

Bali Helicam, Bali Drone Rental Service, Bali Drone Filming

Yacth and catamaran or Boat charter 

Local press and community relations services.

Indonesia Fixer as Bali Film Organizer provides full support services to feature filmmakers, documentary film teams, commercial and video clip producers, and network news teams. 

Send us an [email] if you're considering to film on Bali Island or any places in Indonesia .

Our experience team have been involved in overseas productions, such as : BBC, Discovery Travel and Adventure,Toshiba, and many more.

We will be professionally assist producers in organizing filming project in the Island of Bali and all around Indonesia archipelago  

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